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A long journey to justice finally came to fruition


Our client had won a decree amounting 1000s of British Pounds as a result of his case the County Court in Central London. He wanted to execute this judgment in Pakistan because that’s where the defendant had property. We filed a Suit under Section 13 CPC on his behalf. The effort took many years, but finally, this month, it has culminated in a judgment in favor our client. Our law firm successfully represented him at both the trial and appellate levels.



Because the case raised somewhat novel points of law, a divisional bench headed by Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb of Islamabad High Court not only authored an erudite and lengthy judgment, but also approved it for reporting; this means that our client’s story will now live forever in the law report.


The Court has also been pleased to award “costs”, which means that our client should be able to recover all the millions he has so far spent on this protracted legal battle.


The lesson of the story is: day ayad, durust ayad. Never give up on justice!

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