Demarcation report of Revenue Authorities is necessary in disputes pertaining to Abadi Deh: Supreme Court


Justice Shan Gul of the Lahore High Court after setting aside judgments of two courts below in case titled as Riasat Ali and Others versus Yaseen and Others reported as 2022 MLD 1825, has held that demarcation report is sine qua nan to decide disputes pertaining to Abadi Deh. Abadi Deh falls under the ownership of the residents of the whole village and every resident of the village owns land in Abdi Deh to the proportion of his agriculture land in that village. The Court further held that only way out with the courts to decide a dispute wherein both the parties claim ownership over Abdi Deh andย  wherein it is to be settled that which one of them is the owner of the suit land is to require the Revenue Authorities to submit demarcation report in the court.

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