Justice Athar Minallah releases his detailed reasoning in the 90-days Election Suo Moto Case


Justice Minallah, dismissing the proceeding before the Court in Suo Moto case No. 1/2023, urges that “the country is on the brink of a political and Constitutional crisis and it is high time that all those responsible take a step back and resort to some introspection“. He also urges the political parties to resolve their differences outside the Court; the Parliament is the best suited and best placed forum to resolve such issues. He further holds that Article 184(3) confers an extraordinary jurisdiction on the Court which can be exercised with extra conscious if the conditions i.e matter of public importance and question of fundamental rights, are met as held in two celebrated cases of the Court i.e Manzoor Elahi v. Federation of Pakistan (PLD 1975 SC 66) and Benazir Bhutto v. Federation of Pakistan (PLD 1988 SC 416).

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