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The court premises are not hunting grounds for the law enforcement agencies: says SC


Dealing with mode and manner of arrest of the accused from the court premises, the Supreme Court in the famous case titled as Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi versus the State and others- the one in which the petitioner was attested from the Islamabad High Court’s premises in a very undignified manner- has held that the courts premises cannot be treaded by the police and other law enforcement agencies as hunting grounds for capturing the accused persons. The Apex Court has reiterated that access to justice is one of the most significant fundamental rights available to the citizens. This right shall be bolstered rather than undermined. The Court further held that the sanctity, dignity and safety of the courts are inviolable for the larger interest of the all the stakeholders who approach the courts with the hope to be treated in accordance with law and their rights will be honored.ย  Also, the courts are sanctuaries for the people who knock the door of the court with the assurance that they will get the relief against the tyranny of the state authorities. The breach of this assurance will undermine the people’s access to justice by deterring and preventing them to approach the courts.

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