The Judgment that could have saved United Pakistan’s Democracy



One of the most critical moments in the early years of Pakistan was the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly by Governor General Ghulam.

The dissolution was challenged. The Sindh High Court allowed the petition vide judgment reported as PLD 1955 Sindh 96. Many people have heard about the judgment authored by Justice Constantine in this case, i.e Maulvi Tamiziddin versus Federation of Pakistan.
Unfortunately, this courageous decision was reversed on appeal by the Federal Court – in the case titled as Federation of Pakistan versus Maulvi Tamizuddin ( PLD 1955 Federal Court 240)–ย  presided over by the then Chief Justice, Muhammad Munir.

If upheld, this short and courageous decision could have steered United Pakistan towards a different, more democratic future.

While many know about this historic decision, hardly anyone has actually read it. Therefore, for the benefit of our readers, we are sharing the actual Sindh Chief Court judgment. Enjoy reading!

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