The Pakistan International Airline Corporation (Conversion) (Amendment) Bill, 2023


The Parliament has enacted The Pakistan International Airline Corporation (Conversion) (Amendment) Bill, 2023 which has brought certain amendments to the Pakistan international Airline Corporation (Conversion) Act, 2016 (XV of 2016). The representation of the shareholders on the Board of Directors has been made proportionate to the shareholding. The drastic change is that public procurement laws will not be applicable to the 2016 act. Section 3 of the amendment act carries non obstante clause (an overriding clause) which oust the applicability of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Ordinance, 2002 (XXII of 2002) and the rules and regulation made thereunder to the 2016 act. The procurement processย  under the 2016 act will be taken as per the rules made by a committee constituted for this purpose.

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