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Law and Policy Chambers is an emerging firm of legal practitioners and allied professionals, each specializing in a specific area of work. This firm has been founded on the belief that the age of the generalist and the solo practitioner is over; quality service to clients can only be delivered by a large team of specialists working together.

We have already established a foothold in Islamabad as well as the provincial capitals. We want to expand our team further and ultimately build the largest and most geographically spread out network of specialist lawyers and allied professionals in Pakistan.ย ย 

Law and Policy Chambers is based on a modern, expertise-based partnership model. Our partners are recognized specialists in their respective fields, and are spread throughout the country.




Our Specialists offer a variety of services including Constitutional Litigation, Trial Litigation & Commercial Litigation.

Commercial Drafting

Drafting Commercial Contracts

Our Specialists have over a decade of experience in drafting commercial contracts, including Joint Venture Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Employment Contracts and Stock Purchase Agreements.

Transactional Advice

Transaction Advice

With our collective experience, we are well equipped in advising our Clients over a wide range of transactions, both international and national.

Registration of Companies & Corporate Filing

Registration of Firms, NGOs, etc

Our Specialists have registered 100s of Companies with the SECP and are well versed in Corporate Filings.

Intellectual Property Registration

Intellectual Property Registration

Not only are our Specialists experienced in Intellectual Property Litigation, they are also equipped with the skills necessary to register all kinds of copyrights and trademarks.

Registration of Property & Handling Land Disputes

Drafting Commercial Contracts

Our Specialists have mastered the maze of land registration with public-sector authorities and private societies. They are also capable of handling complex land dispute litigation.

Public Policy Consultancy

Public Policy Consultancy

In addition to being lawyers, our Specialists are also experts in public policy consultancies for a large variety of clients. They are often engaged in important policy issues, with far reaching consequences.

Legal Opinions

Legal Opinions

Due to our vast range of expertise, our Specialists are capable of furnishing well-drafted, thoroughly researched legal opinions on any field or question of law.

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