The Supreme Court Fins a Counsel 10000 PKR in a Case for Misleading the Court.


In deciding a review petition, the Supreme Court observed that the Court had been misled by the counsel of the petitioner and thus fined him in the sum of 10000 PKR. The counsel submitted before the Court, while arguing the case,ย  that the case under reviewย  had already been decided by the Supreme Court, thus previously decided case could not be decided for the second time by the Court. Consequently, the counsel had filed the review petition, asserting thatย  the Court could review its previous decision.

The Court meticulouslyย  perused the record but did not find the counsel’s submission to be correct.ย  Instead, the Court found that the Counsel had actually misled the Court not nonce but twice. Hence, the Court fined him of 10000/PKR for misleading the Court for two occasions and his review petition was dismissed.

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